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For Valdemir Mota de Menezes


Genetic manipulation behind several possibilities that can be positive or negative, they can have healthy or aesthetic purposes. Do not forget that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution humanity has progressively advanced in terms of scientific discoveries and new inventions that have facilitated the lives of humans.

Strongly criticized by the Catholic Church condemned Galileo when he said the earth was not the center of the universe. Today even the Catholic Church believes that the universe revolves around the Earth. When Oswaldo Cruz instituted mandatory vaccine to combat outbreaks of various diseases such as smallpox, the press attacked him doing nasty cartoons that appeared Oswaldo Cruz with a drill boring into people's arms. At that time the population of Rio de Janeiro was the streets and staged protests turning violent trams, promoting fires and clashes with police. Today Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are the Oswaldo Cruz grateful for the improvements he promoted health as well as vaccines such as disputed, but it has become essential to modern society.

Genetic manipulation is a new scientific technique which is part of biotechnology aiming at the improvement of the species. Long ago that humanity has been genetically manipulating animals and cut milk production. In search of higher profits and viable means to sustain the growing and pest infestation of humans, these genetic improvements in the field of agriculture is making the planet can sustain so many people with food. I know a farmer who forty years ago, his cattle were ready for slaughter in four years, and the average weight of a cow was 600 pounds. With genetic manipulation, these animals now reach more than a ton in just two years, when they are ready for slaughter.
The use of pesticides and genetic manipulation have allowed the improvement of all basic foods of the human diet, with vegetables has been no different, especially since we often news of genetic development of certain plants that produce more vigorous and fruits that become resistant the greater number of pests. So today we have large crops of corn, soybeans, wheat, and other grains and cereals thanks to genetic manipulation, usually in the most simple, this is done with the selection of quality grain. Even the small farmer, without much instruction agronomic know the best grains and seeds should be designed to make seedlings, so that genetic inheritance is transmitted to the new grains.
OS transgenic
Many countries around the world have barriers to commercialization of GM foods because they are not sure about the future implications that eating these foods will cause animals and humans to feed them. Japan and the European Community have such barriers. In Brazil and the world, food packaging should state whether or not the food is the basis for GM, but now on the 15th of August 2012, the Justice Department determined that the chocolate factory and ice cream, Nestlé, inform on packaging whether or not their products are GM and degree of these Genetic manipulations. In summary, the organic material transgenic mutated gene induced by scientists, being introduced into a particular plant, a DNA element that is not part of its original constitution in general such manipulation intended for that characteristic transmit a plant which give an advantage over normal plants, natural. But the veil of life and its secrets not yet revealed and has already found cases like gene that Walnut was introduced into soybeans, but also conveyed an allergic reaction, which became one mutation prohibited. There is much resistance to transgenic foods in the world because they were not sufficiently tested to know what kind of mischief these foods can cause in the future.
In genetic engineering, scientists began developing embryonic cells that can potentially form a cloned human being, but really, they do not let the clone grow, just subtract the cell that interests you to can use it with therapeutic purposes, mainly in a transplant to cure a disease. The production of these embryonic cells are used in transplants, as they reduce the chances of rejection of the body that receive the transplant.
While embryonic stem cells are ethically questionable because they are products of a new life that is produced from the egg, stem cells are produced from other body part.
In summary, to obtain embryonic cells leads to a living human embryo in the initial state and after removing the cells necessary to discard the embryo. In November 2011, Pope Benedict XVI condemned the use of embryonic cells, based on the simple fact that life appears at the moment of conception, and to destroy an embryo, we are destroying a human being. I agree in gender, number and degree. It is unethical to kill a potential human being to potentially save another human being.
In constant search for the preservation of human life, in the struggle for the human species has improved quality of life and the most that can slow death, scientists are increasingly making use of genetic engineering. Cloning techniques are being tested in various laboratories around the world, it is no doubt that in search of great discoveries and better results in a competition between laboratories, scientists and nations, they most likely are auditioning secret and without discussion what is morally approved or not. I believe we are looking for results at all costs. The human species is a master of disguise, you are lying and hypocrisy. Many of the individuals of our species, kills in one day and the other goes to the wake cry. What I mean is that the speeches that many do not match what they actually practice the doors closed. If most of us presenciarmos what, and how they are really made tests and scientific experiments would be amazed.
Humanity is discovering very powerful forces and energies like nuclear power, genetic manipulation and anti-matter. The question that remains is: We're moving to our own destruction? Who guarantees that we will not use these forces for immoral purposes? Our greed and quest for power will not be the cause of our annihilation??

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